One-third customers pirate DVDs



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A recent study finds that one-third of the customers in the United Kingdom and United States make pirate copies of commercial DVDs. Vendor Macrovision funded the research and saw a dramatic increase…

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Rental companies are already doing something different by using a kioss right now smoothered with DRM and will be non playable after so many days. If one buys they get the retail package. Yes I am aware that DRM can be circumvented.


One-third customers pirate DVDs

100% movie industry rips joe public off nuff said


LOL that’s funny!


I didn’t realize we were pirates. Maybe I should start wearing puffy white shirts, buy a parrot, and wear my hair back in a pony tail. “Errrrr, shiver me timbers!!!” :slight_smile:


LOL, we are what the government/movie studios say we all are. A 95 year old making a backup of their bought DVD would still be a pirate.


Arrrrr Matey, that not be a parrot on our shoulders, it be a DVD…And maybe a sat dish also…:cool:


Well what does one expect when DVD burners can be had for $30 or less ? Do they honestly think people will simply use a DVD burner to archive their own stuff and not give a thought to copying and sharing content ?
Lowering prices will not stop people from pirating DVDs. People pirate DVDs because they can - it has nothing to do with the pricing of DVDs, but rather, with the thrill of getting something for next to nothing.


This is so laughable, the movie studios just don’t get it. You buy a movie, it sits on your shelves for years and you pay $29.99 for it. I do purchase used DVD’s from BB @ $5.00 a pop because its easier than copying a disk and I am lazy. Make the disks affordable and Piracy ends period.


I never pirated any DVD disk - I just downloaded ISO images from the torrent :wink:


No pirating, just LOTS of routine backups.


The industry, who lives essencially financed by the costumers, likes to insult those same costumers calling them pirates… thats their policy… they never hurried about costumers. They only want our money.
However when magazines and sites starts to call their costumers pirates … it seems i will have to stop seeing CDFREAKS.COM !!!


Dude, what the hell are you trying to say? Take the marbles out of your mouth or learn to speak English. At any rate, I believe we have a right to do anything we want to a CD/DVD once we buy it. Call me a pirate if you want, but don’t call me late for supper.


Arr, me matey Duke Nukem be swashbuckln’ wit scurvy dogs who be betar off down below in Davey Jones’ locker!! Har har har :bigsmile: Sorry, couldn’t resist!


What is Hollywood complaining about.Nothing wrong with backups. It’s the price of rehab that they should address.


" A recent study, funded by anti-piracy vendor Macrovision, …"

They want to sell DVD / Blu-ray copy protection, so the conclusion of this “study” isn’t much surprising.