One Store: 2 sites, 2 different prices

In another thread, some posted:

I had never been to that site before, and after only a few seconds, I said to myself “Yet another City of Industry PC store ??”.

But, it looked too similar to the others, and after comparing the store address to Supermediatore, Shop4tech, Rima, and Meritline, I found an exact match with Meritline.

Here is the odd part, if you look at:

you will see the exact same Item code: 100-025-100-fs

But the CDRDVDRMEDIA site has it for $24.99 shipped, while the Meritline site has it for $31.99 shipped !

Again, both sites are at 18961 East Arenth Ave.

PS I’ve ordered from Meritline, Shop4tech and Supermediastore before, and find little difference - I suspect that any bad reputation that a particular store has with a particular person is due to them trying to return something, which is always difficult at cut-price stores, since they don’t charge enough to spend a lot of time on customer service…