One special file causes a read error?


i hope this is the right forum for my “strange” problem over here.

I got a 3,5GB file that i simply want to burn to DVD - like i did several times before - but that file always causes an “unrecovered read error” at the very beginning of the burned DVD, the rest seems to be fine. The burning-process of Nero itself runs fine, no errors, no problems, but when i verify and test the DVD (CDSpeed a.o.), this error always occurs.

I really tried everything that came into my mind to fix this (several different media, different UDF-formats, updated Nero of course, tried to burn different other files together with that strange one together …), but its always the same, one error at the beginning of the media only when this file is present.

Its really the first time that i got a problem like this.

Does anybody know whats going on here? Is it just the file that somehow corrupts …ehm … something? (Although the file itself semms to be okay, its an “working” backup-image of a hd-partition)

Thanks for reading, i would be greatful for every little hint,

best regads,

(oh yes, the system: LG 4120B 1.15, Nero, WINXP SP2)

Is the file in a format like iso or nrg or something that you can load into daemon tools or alcohol virtual drive? If you can load it onto a virtual drive, then you can run scandisc on it to see if anything is wrong with the file.

Hi strachan, thanks for your reply!

But no, i think i cant mount the file into anything, its a backup made with
Norton Ghost 2003 (.gho), an old but so far very good working dos-version of Ghost.
Like i said, the image is working fine, im able to extract it back to a hd-partition with ghost without a problem.

Hi again,

just for people who are interested:
I just “solved” the problem by simply splitting the file into 1GB parts and then burn the parts to a ISO-DVD (not UDF like before), this works just fine.
So it wanst the file itself that caused the problem, the file is absolutely okay.
It must have somthing to do with UDF/Nero or whatever, eventhough i NEVER had problems before with UDF and large files.

Strange enough, i dont get it, but i dont have to :wink: