One solution for LG 4167B problem with DVD-RW

Hi! For several days I was having a misterious problem with my LG 4167B.
After changing PSU for Seventeam 420BKV my LG 4167B doesn´t recognize DVD-RW and also couldn´t format it.
After unistall Nero, clean registry, and reinstall, the problem continued.
Than, I remembered to uninstall also Alcohol 120 that I used few times.
After this, for my surprise, Nero recognized again DVD-RW and could format too !!!
Finally, I tried to install the last version of Alcohol and LG 4167B is OK!!! :smiley:
So, for those who are having the same problem, I suggest to uninstall all recorder softwares, clean registry of them and, if possible, install the last versions of them.
Sorry for my broken english. :bigsmile: