One sheep, two sheep, three sheep, Lamb Chops

Can someone explain what this sheep business is about? I just bought a BenQ1620 drive ( and apparently its a ‘one sheep’ burner. Now being new to all this I find myself rather confused as to the significance of this.

Is there a software hack to make it a two sheep burner? If I have my mom bake me up some lamb and shove it in the drive tray will it be a three sheep burner?

Thanks in advance for the info.

Still wondering…

So are we :confused:

The sheep rating is there to tell you how well you drive will deal with copy protected cds. 1 sheep means it can’t write weak sectors correctly and amplify weak sectors is required in clonecd. 2sheep burners mean that the drive can write most weak sectors and this is a good thing, no option for AWS is required.

3 sheep burners are hard to come accross and very few recorders are 3 sheep. And no you can’t make you drive a 2 sheep with any software hacks. It’s all hardware dependent.

CLONECD used to rate their supported CD writers as 1 sheep or 2 sheep [no such thing as a 3 sheep]. 2 sheep drives can read and write RAW images.

check the Supported CD Writers section in the file @

Sheep Test

Ways to test how well your writer performs. So a 3 sheep burner is possible.

The so-called 3 sheep writer is just an invention of alexnoe and the truth is that no 3 sheep writer actually exists.

In any event, whilst the tests are to some extent helpful in determining the accuracy of your writer’s efm encoding of regular bit patterns, they are to a large extent obsolete.

Many writers regarded as 2 sheep models can’t cope with safedisc v. 2.9+ and fewer still can cope with v. 3.15+. However, there are some 1 sheep models that have succeeded even with v. 3.2 or v. 4.0.

The reality is that the only test that means squat is whether your writer can actually produce a working back-up of the latest safedisc protected cds.

there are some 1 sheep models that have succeeded even with v. 3.2 or v. 4.0.
And I’ve got one. Two years old…Safedisc eater!

3 more sites that host that old list

The definition of the vaule of “2 sheep” and above often varies.

In fact, there is a LOWER rating than “no sheep”.

The very worst drives for protected backup, cannot even write RAW.
So at no sheep, you can replicate errors (original Safedisc).
At 1 sheep (the start of the “weak sector” battle) you can replicate the less severe “weak sectors” of early SD2 versions
At 2 sheep, you could replicate the known weak sector patterns of the time (SD 2.51)

In the common parlance, a “2.5 sheep” writer is able to handle the additional weak patterns used in SD2.9

And the legendary 3 sheep, would be able to handle all possible weak sector patterns.

Since Elaborate Bytes and their maintainence of the “sheep table” were driven out of the field by European legislation, the definitions above that level are rather fuzzy.

there was a rumour that a single 3 sheep CD burner was spotted hiding out in S.America after the War. the media dubbed it the “El Dorado Lamb Chops Platinum”. the burner, again it’s ruimoured, was said to be able to do 1:1 backups of any game CD, no matter the protection.
i am currently on sabbatical in the Andes, searching…
if i find any trace of this fabled burner i’ll let you know