One Quick Question

I’m trying to combine (merge) a few DivX movies into one long movie (sequels). Anyhow, I’ve been using VirtualDub to do this, and it’s throwing off the audio for the subsequent additions (the first part of the long movie (Divx movie ‘a’) sounds great, no problems, the second movie’s sound is off. If I change the audio on movie ‘b’ before I merge, then a’s audio is off.) How do I correct this?

How did you change the audio?

I used XMPEG to encode, and VirtualDub interleaving to try and get the audio to line up with the video. I hope this is what you asked for.

The problem is that the original video’s audio stream is shorter than the video. You can
a) cut the video down to the same length as the audio.
b) extract the audio and then add silence to the end of it to make it the same lengh as the video.

Awsome. How do I do that? Sorry, I’m still new at this…

BeSweet has an ‘append silence’ fuction.

EDIT: Actually that’s probably not the best tool for the job at all, a free sound editor like Audacity would be more suitable. Never used it myself though.

I still don’t understand how to append the audio. Isn’t there an easy, striaghtforward way to do this? I don’t even know how to check the stream length of the audio against the stream length of the video. Thanks in advance for your help.

I’d imagine there’s a straightforward way to do it in Audacity, but like I said I’ve never used it. Nearly any sound editing application would do, even the Sound Recorder tool that comes with windows has a fuction to append silence, but to my knowledge you can only use it to edit wavefiles.