One opinion and one suggestion



Hello everybody. I’ am new in the backup ‘‘buisness’’. I just understood that i can backup my original games and play them at work one month ago. I had success in all cases (even new videogames) using clonyxxl, alcoholer and alcohol 120%. My question is how good my hardware is because as i understood, from this great forum, the hardware is very important and many times success depends on that. I own 2 DVD drives :

  1. ASUS DRW-0804P


I succesfully backup all my video games with my ASUS. I want your opinion about my drives. Dont hesitate to be offensive (ex. this drive is scrap)
because i really want to know about it and i am completely ignorant.
After your opinion i would like a suggestion of a DVD drive because i want to buy a new one and i think of changing my Pioneer.

                             THANK YOU