One of our Mods

Hey folks

Alan1476; one of our MODS in this forum has contacted me and asked that I let everyone know that his system is on the fritz and he will be out of the loop for a few days at most. I will post back if I hear anything more or on his progress on fixing his system.


SUUUURRRRRREEEEEEEE it is. He just wanted a vacation! :smiley:

Just talked to him, he was doing a reformat and the XP install CD blew up inside the drive half way through the format so he is picking up a new HDD I think and looking for a new XP cd.

I think he is taking his time so maybe it is a vacation of sorts. LOL

A new HDD? Not a new ODD? I can imagine an exploding disc killing off the optical drive it was in, but not the HDD…LOL :bigsmile:

Yeah, I wonder how long he’ll stretch it out for :wink:

Yikes! That can’t have been a pleasant thing to have happen!! Hopefully he gets everything back together soon.

Yeah, seriously that does suck, especially when you’re doing a reformat since it leaves you with no OS :frowning:

Here’s hoping Alan is back soon with a shiny new replacement ODD as well :flower:

He said the H42 ODD is going in the trash cause he is not sure he can get all the disc fragments out of the drive; I think he said he was replacing the HDD also. He might be on and off until he gets’er fixed; his son is allowing him to use his laptop at times.

That’ll cost him some $$, hope he doesn’t have to replace the HDD - he’s got a Raptor in there :eek:

Just to let you all know the HDD and the LG H42N survived, I was hesitant to try it again but Arachne said to give it a go , so I did, and to my surprise it still works. Full reformat and now hours of restoring all my software. Not a bad price to pay.:o

wow you go girl, Arachne :slight_smile:
Glad it worked out Alan :clap:
Good to have you back :iagree:

Thanks Rolling56 and their is no speedtest server in Kansas City that I can test. I tried for an hour.:iagree:

Yes your right…there used to be a St.Louis and a KC one but now both are gone :eek: ah well never mind then :bigsmile:

I think if he quits downloaded hacks and crack the HDD will stay running fine???:smiley:

Sweet! Welcome back to the land of the connected. :slight_smile:

you mean you didn’t have an image backup?! …and you call yourself a mod :disagree:

just kidding! glad you got everything up and running again. that’s the worst time for things to go wrong since you just know it’s going to suck up a huge amount of time

I did have an image backup but it was so old I did not want to use it. I learned my lesson, Acronis True Image from here on out. You are right I should be ashamed.:o

Hey alan, sorry for your torment and don’t we all learn the hard way…even when we know better… :eek:
The egg has TI for $24.99 with instant rebate.
Not sure if you have it? if not…I’d jump on it.
I’ve used it for a couple years now, after ditching norton (ghost was the only reason to use it anyway) and never looked back.

Thanks maineman, thats the reason I am so ashamed I have the program already but just too lazy. Thanks.:clap:

True Image is the way to go. My laptop gets backed up every night to an external USB hard drive using TI. Best investment I ever made.

Don’t feel ashame alan1476, I’m sure all of us at least once made the same mistake. :wink:
Glad your system is up and running again. :clap:

BTW, Symantec (Norton) Ghost is the way to go… :bigsmile: