One of Europe's biggest hacker died

I just posted the article One of Europe’s biggest hacker died..

This man was one of the oldskool hackers and the founder of the German Chaos Computer Club (CCC).

Before normal people heard of the word hacker Wau Holland founded the Chaos Computer Club…

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A good man has left us. Let us not forget his teachings. Long are gone the image of the hacker siting in a room only being lighted by the glow of his monitor. Let us embrace the New Hackers Image, one that proves that all hackers are not out to cause trouble. One that show us as normal people, who have families that love them, where we go to movies, enjoy the company of others. The image that proves hackers are not anti-social slobs. I have been hacking for a few years, and while I do not do malicious hacking any longer (which is what a lot of people did the first time they started hacking), I enjoy being helpful and using my knowledge for the good of humanity. It does not matter what platform you use (Unix, Linux, Windows, OS2Warp, or even DOS). It also does not matter if you are a seasoned Hacker , or a first timer using password crackers…All that matter is that we should all take into consideration the new image of what a Hacker is, and try to do what ever you can to help people in the world understand that we to are people, just like they are, and better enhancing what the meaning of a hacker is.

May he hack in peace…

I don’t think heaven have computers. :c