One new problem. CD burning is almost there



Thanks for all the help yesterday,
I have one new problem now. I get more than halfway through the dvd burning process and I get (A generic error has occurred. Please make sure the burner is ready and try again). The original problem was that I was using a duel firewire/usb 2.0 card. I had the firewire port hooked up to the hard drive and the usb port hooked up to the dvd burner. I changed the hard drive to my spare firewire card so that just the dvd burner was hooked up through the usb 2.0 card. My last problem of the short initial burn and them the error was due to the fact I had GS08 old firmware. It wouldn’t burn to the verbatim dvd+R. I upgraded and now it almost finishes before I have problems. After I get this problem fixed hopefully I won’t have anymore problems. Thanks