One more problem with BenQ DVD LS DW1655

When I burn compilation on Verbatim DVD, and when I use Verify option in Nero, Nero often says that data on dvd is different from its source. What is that?

I tried with latest firmare and problem still exist. Is this normal for BenQ and for other DVD-+RW burners?

I mean, I know that this small difference will not affect movie, music, pictures, and so on, but what about installers with checksums?

Did that happen with overburned DVD-R disc?. Just joking. :slight_smile:

I never trust Nero verification. There is plenty other tools out there you can use among Scan Disc function in Nero CD-DVD Speed.

Making a search will show this “failure” can be caused by everything from enclosure chip problem to faulty RAM and drive in PIO mode (when internal).

Bookmark search link at top of page, because this is your best friend. :wink:

Sorry, I know how to use a search option, but since I am new here, there is a plenty of posts here. I would spend all night just to find two answers. :frowning:

Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, but many of us have spent years with search. :bigsmile:

In long run you’ll understand why and it saves you media ($$$) also.

No offence taken. :slight_smile: Thank you all for help.