One more newbie question: +R or -R at same price?

About to buy my first dvd burner and I’m going with the NEC 2500a and I’m looking for some suggestions/clarification about the +/- war here.

Initially, I want to burn a bunch of DivX videos to DVD so I can play them in stand alone DVD players. I’ve read through the guides to do this and I understand the process, but what I’m not clear on is wheather + or - would be a better choice.

I can get a 25 pack of either format for about the same price so which format would you suggest?

Some specifics taken from gspot on a sample .avi I want to burn:
DivX/XviD .avi files
640x480 (1.33:1) [=4:3]
FPS: 23.976
bitrate: 865 kb/s
audio: 118 kb/s (59/ch, stereo) VBR LAME3.91 MPEG-1 Layer 3

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Perhaps this article can be of any assistance.

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[B]Hi there Pirate … arr

I’d make ye walk the plank… but I’m a wee bit lacking in the ship category these days. Let me get back to you once I have me own ship. Arr… n’stuff :wink:

Perhaps this article can be of any assistance. [/B]

I had read through that already actually :slight_smile: That would lead me to believe the + format is more likely to produce good burns. I’ve been told that “+” is best for movies and I’ve been told to go with “-” by a different source. “+” seem to be more compatible with stand alone players.

I suppose I’d go with “+” at this point for lack of evidence saying I should do otherwise :cool:

  • vs - doesn’t really matter as much as using quality media and using the type that your devices are capable of reading.

Seems theres a lot of controversy about what media to use.
Well most stand alone players STILL have dvd-r capability over dvd+r, theres simply more that will play em
Ive succesfully burned over a thousand dvds using memorex dvd-r, lost maybe one or 2 in the process, but very few.
Its not the be all and end all, the main thing is good media
, and a good burning prog (such as diusc juggler or stomp recordnow)
also I find dvd-r (memorex) work great for xbox discs
Im def, sticking with dvd-r (or dvd+rw) for now.