One more good news from LG



CDFreaks can review GSA-5163D right after GSA-4163B and GSA-5160D thanks to the great efforts of CDFreaks staff team, CDFreaks members (especially on the LG forum), and LG Electronics people in Seoul and the Netherlands. LG ODD users will benefit a lot from these coming reviews and the renewed relationship with LG will also result in some positive things. Keep in mind that your suggestions, contributions, ideas that you post here can possibly impact the development and marketing strategies of LG. After all, everyone wins (but for the cynical people.)


One thing about LG GSA-4163B A101 firmware, i believed Philips 16x DVD+R (C16) is actually 16x ready except that firmware writer might have forgotten to clear up the previous code.


Diagnostic mode in LG 4163B to testing CD / DVD - this is the now most expect. :iagree:




§cav cd-recording please :wink:


That’s great to hear Kenny. :iagree:

I have one suggestion: make LG drives quicker available in Holland!!

At the moment there’s no shop that has the LG GSA-4163B. :frowning:
One has it listed, but can’t deliver it. :sad:


But first of all - stay tuned for a rocking GSA-4163 review to be posted soon :wink:


Hm. Namoh, this may shock you but LG GSA-4163B officially doesn’t exist in South Korea. :wink:

In Norway where one of our CDFreaks’ leading reviewers, namely OC-Freak is, LG drives are hard to find according to OC-Freak. :sad:

It’s the US (including Dell) and Tokyo that LG (and also many other) drives arrive fastest.


We are waiting here in Israel for the 4163B. The NEc 3520 arrived but the 4163B not :a

Please ask the LG people to wake up their Israeli distributor which is sleeping very well on a pile of $$$$$ he makes from LCD’s, CRT’s, Plasmas, DVD players, plasmas, refrigerators, etc… :frowning:

We would also love to see here some overspeeding of LG drives on decent media such as VERBATIM +R and -R X4. They should know better than NEC :sad:

Thanks for your great work Kenshin :slight_smile:


(What work?? The reviews are done by Jan S. and OC-Freak.)

I would like to see YUDEN000T02, MCC003, TDK002, RICOHJPNR02, SONY08D1, MXLRG03 burning at P-CAV 16x. :iagree: Such a drastic policy change would make the drive the biggest hit ever in ODD market history.



But OC-Freak, could find one!!

I’m still waiting. :sad:

LG please get your drives overhere!!


No, OC-Freak hasn’t received the drive as far as I know. We are waiting for it. What he will have will be sent from Seoul probably.

Isn’t there a channel for consumers for such questions as when a drive will be released to retail? There is the LG in the Netherlands.

LG Electronics BeNeLux
Veluwezoom , 13 AE Almere, The Netherlands

Not sure whether the address and phone numbers are for public use. (I edited the above address.)

There must be the usual distributors in any market. I know many phones numbers of ODD distributors and importers in Seoul that I can use to ask about specific model release and other things though I rarely use the phone and email because it involves too much human attention.