One major drawback with lite on

its so slow backing up safe disk i mean i thought it was this normal? im useing it to read the disk

I don’t think 6-8 minutes is that hard to endure is it? :slight_smile:
Turn on the Log in CloneCD and watch as your Litey chews it way through 10 000 Safedisc errors, that’ll keep you somewhat occupied…
Unless you have FES off, then the reading will take years (hint:enable FES :))

ok lol whats fes im such a newbie

i dont see fes anywhere in the new clone cd but the new clone cd is way diff then i remember. also the game im trying to back up is flightsim 2000

opps lol its sd2 also can this drive back up unreal tournamnet 2003

FES = Fast Error Skip.

Select CD Reader, right click on reader, select Edit to Profile Settings, go to Error Handling tab and choose Fast Error Skip Settings = On.

thank you

For simple use on the newer version of CloneCD you could just use Automatic FES on your profiles