One machine can't read disc but another can

Ok here is a bit of an odd one:

I have DVD Fab platinum on my desktop computer (full version) and on my laptop the free DVD HD version.

However, I have been trying to backup my copies of Starwars (all 6). If I use the full version on my desktop computer it fails to read the discs - even if I point it straight at the VIDEO_TS folder on the disc. But, if I use the free version on my laptop it reads the discs straight away and allows them to be backed up.

Any suggestions why this may be happening? It is somewhat annoying as my desktop is much much faster and I am having to transfer the files over which can take hours (due to the slow speed of my laptop)

Hopefully some bright spark out there knows the answer.

Thanks. eon.

not sure if you try this but my pc did that before and all it took was a cd cleaner. if you have a cd cleaner clean your dvd player and try it again. hopefully it will read it, also make sure your dvd is clean also.

Yes, tried that, unfortunately no go.

The machine that cannot read the disc just keeps trying to load the disc - the progress bar (which usually only does one run) just keeps on going all the time, one pass after another. The laptop on the other hand just does the one pass and there it is.

I can watch the disc in the desktop computer ok - it is just DVDFab Platinum that cannot read it.

It’s driving me a little mad.

Just tried something which seems to work:

Disabled the PathPlayer - now it reads the disc on the first pass

Really hope his has solved it.

good luck and next time it happens to me ill try that disable pathplayer first…