One Film on Two Discs to One Disc

One movie. Two DVDs. Two VOB sets.

I want that to turn in one VOB set, one DL DVD±R.

Chapter Selection and Subtitles leave me stone cold.

Any ideas on what to use and how to use it?

Bump. Normally I’m not pushy, but I’d like to resolve this quickly :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Sulacu.

Try to use dvd Shrink in reauthor mode. In this way you obtain a set of vob files that will play each segment in sequence, but without menus.

If you want to rejoin both segments in a single movie, you must use a dvd authoring software like DVD Lab Pro. It’s a little difficult to use (at least it seems a bit complicated to me), but it should be able to do the work, and you can also create menus.

This might be some help for you HERE and it’s easier than doing it in with DVD LAB

Heh, I have DVDLab Pro actually. Works pretty good for the making of menus from scratch, but then you make me wonder how to, like, rejoin those two parts in one with it. Creating menus with animation goes just fine for me, although I have a pain in the ass getting subtitles to show on the right place at the right offset.

Is there a way of importing a menu from an ISO in DVDlab?

Try to see here if you find something useful

Ah I see… that’s a lot of stuff to go through :p. Is it possible to put the VOBs from both DVDs in sequence somewhere and demux them as one?

Sorry, I don’t have dvd lab and I’m not able to use it :frowning: . Try to join the two movies with shrink and then do menus with dvd lab

load 1 vod set into movie 1 & the 2nd into movie 2, then use the draw end links to connect the 2 movies together.

the guide i used isen`t on videohelp anymore, theres some good guides on the dvdlab website.

I’ve been looking over and under for this, but I can’t find it. Where is this function hidden?

here you go