One file to 2 cds

can anyone tell me if i can split one downloaded file (winmx) to 2 cds using nero 5, ccd4 or alcohol 120% the file is just to big for a 80 min cd. it is a double album.

You can do it with Nero:
start compiling an ‘Audio CD’ in Nero. Load your long track into the compilation window, highlight it, and right click. Select ‘Properties’ then the ‘Indexes, Limits, Split’ tab. It appears that you can just set indexes to do what you want, OR split if you wish. Pretty cool.

In Nero’s help, search :‘Indexes, Limits, Split’ for more help.

hey thanks scaramanga i’ll try that, i thought i might have to get a 90+ cdr and see if i can overclock it but would much rather split it.thanks again have a nice day

If you want to obtain a smaller file before, (to burn on 2 cd) You can test with goldwave. GoldWave is a digital audio editor . You open your long file (mp3, wave or other) and you split it where you want, between two tracks of coures!
You can use goldwave for splitting all your file into individual tracks, but it is less easy than with Nero.

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