One dvd in set won't load

I have a set of 24 dvd’s (educational software pkg) that I need to make backup copies. All of these are originals and none had security coding. All of the remaining 23 dvd’s copied just fine with Nero. The last dvd will not copy - in fact - will not even play. I put the dvd into my NEC ND-6500A DVD+/-RW and it is not recognized at all - the player just keeps whirling. I have already tried cleaning the cd with ethanol and do not see any significant scratches or disregularities. I have tried this dvd on a stand-alone dvd player and it loaded and played just fine. I also tried it on a Mac today - again, it loaded just fine. For some reason, it will not play on my pc, and I don’t see how I can copy it if I can’t even get it to play.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My first suspicion is that you have some poorly coded DVD player software trying to access the disc following insertion.

Turn off any DVD Player “helper” programs which spin up your drive.

Start->Run-> “msconfig” + enter

Startup tab …
Look for anything which you recognise as player software, or ask us, then untick the box next to it.

Then hit apply + OK, and restart you PC.

One other thing you might try. Download anydvd from & install 21 day free trial. Install & right click on red fox on taskbar & select rip files to hard drive. Sometimes this works. Then burn files with nero or free IMGburn.