One day sale: Smartblu/FTI 25GB white inkjet hub printable BD-R's @ $.99 each



In case you missed this on Black Friday, they’re baaaack :slight_smile:

FTI BD-R’s are manufactured using all Japanese materials/manufacturing technology. Pulstec BD-ODU testing results on this media can be found here. FTI adds a sputtered layer on the print side of their BD-R’s increasing longevity and read/write accuracy(details here). Accelerated aging tests indicate 50+ year longevity for their BD-R’s. To put this sale price into perspective, this is akin to getting a made in Japan Panasonic or TDK 4x printable BD-R for 99 cents. I prefer the FTI’s. Wide sputtered printable surface is excellent.
It should be mentioned that Mediamegamall has a $4.95 small order charge for purchases under $50.00. Since other duplication suppliers often require a minimum 300, 600, or even 1,800 pieces minimum purchases for access to this kind of near-wholesale pricing, a $50.00 entry level for these prices is actually more friendly to small volume duplication businesses. Add a $3.00 100 pack of paper storage sleeves or similar if you only wish to get 2 spindles without the added fee ;).

I should perhaps mention that I have no fiscal or other ties to this company. I do not want MYCE management thinking I have any goal other than sharing seriously researched information on what I find to be a stand-out opportunity for my fellow BD burning freaks :flower:.


Thanks Mr. Witty, I purchased 50 and 1 single branded in case $1.29. The shipping fees did not increase from 25 to 51.