One Day Sale! PNY GeForce 8800GTS $279.99 After $50 IS+$20 MIR

One day sale from CompUSA. This retails for $400 at NewEgg, $279 after $50 instant savings & $20 mail in rebate. If you don’t manage to get the $20 rebate, $100 off is still a pretty nice deal.


Nice, if it were a Evga I would jump all over this one…Still a great deal thanks for posting

The PNY you have linked to newegg is 640mb card this one is 320mb.

edit: Ohh I see the Evga on newegg is only $305 shipped :smiley:

Personally I stick with Evga, they have the stepup program and lifetime warranty that you can’t beat

Whoa, didn’t realize they chopped off some megabytes. Sorry about that. :doh: Didn’t realize they started chopping the GTS card’s ram in half. Good catch.