One Day! NEC 3520 Black, $47 delivered. Good old Newegg



If I only could have one drive this would be it.


Yo chas0039-

Outstanding price on a very good drive-

btw - don’t buy ANY of the discs listed below the drive IMO



Mike, good point. Sometimes I overlook the obvious.


why this burner? because of price?
it does not even have a 80 pin cable? where is someone supposed to get that from? what about the audio cable and the software?
why does nec sell only bare drives?


In the US, NEC doesn’t sell the 3520 as a retail drive. If you want a retail version with software and cables, buy a Mad Dog burner.


If you want retail…newegg has them but there out of stock at the moment…see link


Box design not as good as Sony and LG.


There is no NEC logo in the retail?


“For Microsoft Windows”? How lame.


My mistake. :o I would still buy a Mad Dog - 2 year warranty and firmware supports bitsetting.