One day my 2500a works, next day it doesn't...Please Help!



All of a sudden, out of the blue, my 2500A DVD burner stopped working. It wont burn DVDs or play them even. But here is the thing. It plays software just fine and I even burned a copy of ez dvd creator 6.0 on it that turned out good. Theres no little yellow question mark in the device manager, if I click on my computer it still sees it as E drive, I checked the settings for the right drive letter and DNA enabled, everything seems good. And like I said it plays software and still burns CD-Rs!! I even found a forum where a guy said he had problems cause he had ghost drives.

So I followed his advice and started in safe mode and there were a few but I got rid of them. It also says it is still freeware version 1.07 so thats good too. It even recognizes the title and size of a DVD if I put it in. I swear everything you could check on or test comes up good. Thats all for the good parts. Now for the bad.

 If I click on DVD decrypt (which is how I found out about the problem in the first place) it says NO DEVICE DETECTED!!   I tried to re flash it with pacific digitals 1.07 version again but I get TARGET NEC 2500a NOT FOUND CORRECTLY.  wtf.  

So i try to just play a dvd and when win dvd opens up it just sits there. no title, no nothing. It opens up cause like i said windows recognizes the size and title of the dvd, but win dvd cant read it. It opens up like it wants to play it but then stares back at me. So out of ideas, I even try to swap the drives. I made the burner master and my CD ROM slave. (remember mine is backwards that way) so I do that, check the cables, all comes up square. New d drive and new e drive right? same result.

Please help :bow:


Does anybody have any clue as to why it would be doing this?