One complaint about Plextools



I wonder why Plextor dont allow customers to perform the PI/PO error tests, at a higher reading speed than 2X (e.g. 4X,6X,8X) ? I have tried Kprobe as well at 2X and 8X and havent seen any difference or inconsistency in results…

I think we should ask Plextor for this feature to be incorporated in next Plextools release…


After you start your scan goto the drive settings and select a higher speed.
Then go back to the scan and you will see it has increased in speed.
When you save as html you will see that the scan happened at the higher speed.


It should also be noted that a higher speed would affect the result of the scan in a negative way. Lower speed means more accuracy.


5x speed seems to be ok, and you can actually also scan at 12x: Then, a good results just indicates a really good burn, like here:


Thanks for the scans. Actually they show quite nicely what I was trying to say. While PIE values don’t rise dramatically when moving from 2x to 8x the PIF do. Personally I’d call the quality of a burn that shows values of 15 for PIF as questionable. If I was to make my judgement on the basis of such an 8x scan i’d very probably throw away a disk that burned perfectly ok …

I think the solution Plextor has chosen to offer (different accuracy settings) makes far more sense. The results will perhaps not cover the entire disk but at least the results will be accurate. For me ‘middle accuracy’ has repeatedly produced near identical results compared to ‘high accuracy’.

Seen how good that solutions works I don’t really need more than 2x speed wise.


That’s why people should always post pictures and not just numbers…


I agree, I too have found the faster “Middle accuracy” acceptable for a quicker scan at 2x speed. I wish PXSCAN would support accuracies other than the fixed High accuracy mode too, instead of only speed setting.


I still don’t like the idea of allowing to skip certain parts. Especially bad changes in asymmetrie (what the Plextor 716 is often doing) sometimes causes single PIF spikes, which could be missed if certain parts are left out.

I could allow to manually set the test area length + following gap, but IMHO people should either test discs or shouldn’t, but there is no inbetween


WOW!!! Thanks pchilson!!! You saved me! :wink:

I didnt know it could be set like this…

Its very importnat to me (and others I think) because although if you want to test for a specific DVD brand quality low speed is OK, sometimes you might want a quick way to check if a DVD backup with important data or video is recorded reliably.

Thanks again!


At low speed (2x) the recommended max PIE=280 and PIF=4. What are the recommend max for these reading at 5-12x?


At about 420 MB, this disc cannot be read in an MSI DR16-B2

It’s this disc. As you can see, the error rate is pretty meaningless in this case


Well, I observed that Sum1 test in plextools correlates better with readability! Sum8 and Burst test give only a throughout impression… Try Sum1 test and see if errors exceeds 4 in those unreadable areas.


As you can easily see in the link i gave above, they do.

Even when reading that disc at max speed, the Plextor itself does not have any issue. But the Toshiba drive is reducing read speed, and the MSI drive is even reporting a read error