One Click Copying



Ok … I have been playing this week with AnyDVD from Slysoft and CopyToDVD from ISO, together with Dvd2one.

I have always been a hardened Nero fan, but I must say that CopyToDVD has a few nice features. I particularly liked the right click option. I never had any problems with Nero, but I can see how the simplicity of the Project wizard can eliminate possible errors with settings.

It’s early days yet, as I have only tested 5 movies so far, but this is definitely a “One Click” copying solution, providing you remember to tick the box in Dvd2one and put a blank dvdr in, of course :wink: .

The use of AnyToDVD has made all the difference, slicing approx 17 mins from the copy process. I have to take my hat off to these guys, as their product works flawlessly with Dvd2one/CopyToDVD.

There have ben a few posts on AnyToDVD, but I’m surprized there aren’t more as this really is a good proggie … out of interest, how many others are using it with the same combo/results ?


I think it’s great, and believe I was first to post of it here–and tested it with D2O (when it was still less-than-playful with D2O–but that was straightened out after posts at CloneDvd).
" of the Copyprotection
Killer AnyDVD is now available for download!
This new version offers many new features and
problem fixes. The most important ones are:

  • DVD drives can now be activated separately
  • Support for InterVideo DVD Copy
  • Support for Pinnacle Instant Copy
  • Support for Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD
  • Nero Info Tool no longer crashes"
    DvdRegionKiller (supposedly) is free, and others say it does all AnyDvd does, and faster… Now that it’s the 20th, I dunno if it will remain ‘free’, but might interest some for further testing/use.
    Like you, I find these ‘auto-rippers’ helpful and time-saving, with added benefit of: 1) not having to decide on a SelectAll rip or not for a movie-only; 2) making WS/Full selection easy; and, 3) are an additional speed benefit to those with only one HD (no ‘clogging’ a single channel).
    Good stuff–eliminates any worries over DVDD-versions as well, and helps for previews of ‘extras’ for those who haven’t defaulted as yet to movie-only.
    Nothing but praise for C2D, also. Not quite a one-click solution for me (because I need to manually-title so my mega-changer can build index…<sigh>), but eliminates compliancy concerns and very convenient.
    AD/D2O/C2D…tough combo to beat!


Thanks for the upgrade info, it seems as though these guys are actively supporting their product too.

AnyDVD’s 21 day trial is very good, if folk want to try it out first … I am still using the trial, but will definitely be purchasing this one :slight_smile: