One burner for +R and one for -R - which ones?

yeah but since tou get plextools it makes it tempting…also with mir the 716a can be had for around $80.

The BENQ 1620 Doesn’t write to half the -R media out there! It sucks… I even had it replaced. +R’s seem to not have a problem. The 3520 is not a lot different than the 3500 as others are saying. I suggest the NEC. I have brought in 6 NEC’s 3x3500 and 3x3520 and have all been great burners. I spent 3 days with the BENQ and tons of different firmwares trying to get them to burn -R media.


You need to check this thread then … :a

  • and - haha. Ok! I vote Benq(f/w b7t9) for +, and Pioneer for -(latest f/w). Pioneer is also a two-sheeper. Package complete.

I read that entire thread and it didn’t help. The fact that you go out and buy a spindle of 50 Memorex DVD-R’s and 50 FujiFilm’s and the Benq drive does not write to them is not acceptable.

Why not buy just good tested media. Dont waste money on junk. Wait for a sale, or something. I do, then stock up. I only buy stuff from Taiyo Yuden, Ritek, and would consider Mitsubishi Chemicals. I never paid more than 25cents Canadian for DVD 8x Taiyo Yuden(aka Fujifilm made in Japan), Ritek CDr 48x($14.99 CAN for 100-pack). At these prices, you should not even have a choice between crap and decent stuff.


how in the world u’r able to get 8x Taiyo Yuden for under 25cents in Canada?