One burner for +R and one for -R - which ones?

which 2 burners would you suggest - 1 for +R and 1 for -R?
i Know I know benq is one of these but which one for the other format?

BenQ 1620 can perform excellent burns for both + and - formats. If you want a 2nd brand, just to have a different burner, then a NEC 3500 or 3520.

nec 3500 impossible to find and nec 3520 got problems.
what about pioneer?

Did you check your local OM for a Mad Dog MD-16XDVD9?

isn’t pioneer also a nec?
what does om stand for?
one store is selling external mad dog 16x for 99 bucks - goo dprice or bad?

OM stand for Office Max (I assume). Can you have two BenQs? Will you be backing up PS2 or Xboxs games? If so it might make sense to go with another brand. What’s the big weakness with the 3520? They (NEC) still had the highest satisfaction poll.

OM = Original Manufacturer (Ahhh - darn, never expected OfficeMax to be the abbreviation! Please ignore me, hehehehehe!)

Mad Dog MD-16XDVD9 is a rebadged NEC ND3500AG but the Mad Dog MD-16XDVD9A2 is a NEC ND3520A - make sure to check your text carefully in the model number before buying the drive. $99.99 a bit high but if you really want a 3500 that is going to be your best bet.

For +R media the BenQ DW1620A is fantastic. Heck, the BenQ is good on -R media as well but if you want two drives I’d suggest the BenQ DW1620A and LG GSA-4163B. The NEC drives since the 3500 just don’t appeal to me quite as much anymore although I will say the 3520 doesn’t seem to be a bad drive the little bit I’ve used one.

thanks braxas. what kind of computer you I have? do you have a dell?
i see you have kingston memory? if you have a dell how come you have kingston memory?
i cant seem to find memory for my dell. had to return twice what i bought as they were wrong for my dell.

Shoulda kept the memory and returned the Dell… :stuck_out_tongue:

LG GSA-4163B, good at burning -R, +R and … -RAM. :slight_smile:

I am very pleased with my LG 4163, and it’s the fastest dvd burner at the moment.

It will overspeed a lot of +R media, but not -R.

Dude, I’d never buy a Dell! My PC is built by my be and all the parts bought from Newegg. That’s how I have Kingston memory! :bigsmile:

Best combined performance:

LG GSA-4163/5163

Best +R


Best -R

Pioneer (and NEC is pretty good too)

That is just my opinion though :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d trust OC-Freak’s opinion pretty widely. I’d definitely say the LG GSA-4163B (I don’t know anything about the 5163, hehe) seems like a good all around burner, that’s why it’s on my Hot List but a toy I really can’t afford right now sigh. BenQ does +R media awesomely and various brands of -R but it might not run the gauntlet quite as well as the like the Pioneer would on -R media.

which pioneer burner MODEL would you suggest?
From what places can I buy that pioneer burner model?

I’d go to the Pioneer forum, but it seems they favor 108 right now over the 109.

Well, the BenQ is also VERY VERY good at -R. I’ve gotten a few 99% scores, and average at least a 97% every time.
If you had to get two, I would get the BenQ and LG (since LG has DVD-RAM). Although the new pioneer is supposed to be good…

Have you checked out crucial? Using their online tools, it’s pretty easy to find the exact memory required for any system.

why doesn’t anyone like plextor?

but reading from this forum, NEC 3500 is next best to BenQ muahhaha :smiley:

Plextors are kind of expensive, you can buy 2 BenQs for one Plex.