One Back-Up at a Time



I have two questions for folks. 1) I use the latest versions of CloneDVD and AnyDVD from slysoft. The at home computer which I use for burning has several users each with their own profile. The person that does the initial boot gets AnyDVD functionality. Any user who logs on subsequent to that user does not have AnyDVD functionality. Any way around that issue without having to reboot the machine? 2) After burning one disk it takes a while for CloneDVD to return to the return to original menu screen. Even after waiting for this option and taking it, Clone DVD will not find the video file on the next DVD movie. I have to reboot and then it works fine. Is there a way to do several disks in a row without having to reboot for each new title?


Please, never say this. Always quote exact version numbers.

You are using “fast user switching”, right? The second user DOES get AnyDVD functionality, but he must live with the settings user one has chosen. AnyDVD is still doing its job, but it is invisible. To change settings, you must switch over to the first user. Or the first user must log off (and therefore end his AnyDVD session), so the second user can start his own AnyDVD.

I burn many discs in a row with CloneDVD, no problem for me. Sorry, but this didn’t help you, but just to note, that this is no general problem.