One annoying spike on Verbatim mcc003 with GSA-4163b

Can somebody figure this out. This spike happens on every Vrebatim MCC003 on the same place with my new 4163 and it starts going on my nerves. :a Is it because of IDE or maybe PSU or all mcc003 produce the same problem on the same place? Is it maybe because of buffer transition because IMHO the spike appears somewhere around where LG ends burning from buffer and starts burning from the source (HDD). 4163 is alone on primary IDE channel. I have all the latest drivers. Hello to everybody from Croatia. My first post on cdfreaks! :slight_smile:

Don’t KProbe with a Li-On combo drive, you will get weird results like the one above. Stick to a Lite-On DVD writer for KProbing.

It’s normal for K-Probe. You have the option “remove the spike”, which is some kind of error in scanning technique. Btw. result is a perfect burn, just like every MCC003. :slight_smile:

Croatia, a? Pozdrav!