Once great disc are going "bad"?!?



I am not a “newbie” but am having a problem that has me thoroughly confused and disgusted. I have burned many back-ups over the past year and a half and always scan them with CDSpeed2000. I never keep a disc with excessive errors or failures.

Yesterday, I was demonstrating CDSpeed to a friend when I happen to pull out some old burns (about 6 months to a year old). To my horror, all of them where scanning terribly! Not one or two but ALL of them. Media is Yuden and Maxell DVD-R (RITEK).

With many of them the disc scan would not even complete, it would just stop. I thought it might be my drive (LITE-ON SOHW 832) but disc I had backup during the week scanned great. It’s as if all of my older burns have gone bad (saying that, of the ones I played on my stand alone, none failed). I know that it is believed that DVD rot is not common in burnable media, or even possible, but something is not right. In a nutshell, newer burns are fine, older burns seem to have “gone bad”, at least according to CdSpeed.

They are stored in proper cases and maintained properly. Any ideas anyone??? Please help!



Well Ritek is known to have longevity and quality issues since they went over to 8x production, mainly in the -R sector apparently they are still okay with +R production from whatI have read. I hazzard a guess the Maxell are G05 dye, which cna be bloody awful.

Unfortunately DVD-/+Rs are still a relatively new technology and longevity stability is still a guessing game. They all deteriorate over time, post some scans of the Yuden and Maxell discs so people can see what you are talking about and possibly help to try and solve the problem.


Hey thanks for the reply. I am aware of all the technology issue that you mention. It just seems that if this much deterioration in this amount of time is actually what is going on, and I’m not sure that it is, aren’t we all just wasting time and money backing up?

Please give me a moment to post a couple of scans, and thank you so much for your input.



Oh, and the Maxells are G05, which normally burn really well. But, so far, 100% of the Yudens that I burned in the latter part of last year are scanning very, very badly. See my next post for samples.

Thanks again.


I had this same problem with my Lite-on 812s. I really don’t think it’s the discs themselves (at least not the TY), I think that it is a write strategy problem with that series of drives.


This is the scan of a Ritek branded G05 disc, though just over a year old, http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.p...2&postcount=154 G05s burn well but are not the best for longevity.

It is a mixture of things that decide a good burn, mainly, disc, drive and firmware. It could as jh has said, be the write strategy for TYs causing the problem with them.


Well considering that every single one that I burned in December were either unreadable or very near it as recently as 1 month ago inspired me to get a new drive and re-backup those burned on TY.

Here is a RicohJPNR01 (FujiFilm branded) that burned excellent in my 812s. It is 4x media burned at 4x. The TY’s (FujiFilm branded T02’s) that I had problems with I no longer have but had 3-4 million PIE’s, ~2 million PIF’s, and nearly 2 million POF’s when scanned with my Benq 1655.

LiteOn [U]may[/U] have an updated firmware for this series of drives to “improve write strategies for more media”, but as seeing as this is an older generation series I kinda doubt it.


Sorry to hear you are having the same problems as others including me. A lot of the theory about what is causing this in not panning out. I just got finished reburning over 50 discs because of this. Lost 4 that were no longer readable. It seems that part of the problem might be due to storing them in a CD folder because mine that were stored in jewel cases had degraded, but not as bad as the ones stored in the folder. I suggest rescaning your burns at least once a year if not sooner.
Read this thread. I posted some scan results on post #32 but read the whole thread to come to your own conclusion. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=169390
dont forget to rescan any backup DVD,s of your computer!


Ummm, guys, can someone tell me how to post a pic???


I don’t believe that mine was an issue of degrading as much as it was just bad burns. I had at least one of these that wasn’t readable the second that it finished burning (I burnt it and immediately went to make another copy, and was unable to).

All of my burns are stored in folders, and I had some Memorex CMC Mag F01’s (some really crappy 4x discs) that scanned with under 1K PIF’s that were burnt nearly 2 years ago.


Thanks Wobble, all of this is terribly disheartning…think I might give up backing up at all. I can’t reburn once a year sadly, it’s just too many.

Thanks for your help.


Use the “Manage Attachment” button and upload the file. They have a size restriction on how big each upload can be and I think it is roughly 110 KB.


Just skimmed over this thread…I think the problem could be a mixture of the LiteOn drive’s burns to begin with (I had an LDW851S which burned terribly, and only improved when I flashed it with Codeguys’ CG5J firmware), and the G05s just being plain…crappy.

I think, as suggested, the Litey’s firmware etc may have a part to play…

@nosacrifice…don’t give up backing up, just scan the discs once a year to check them :slight_smile:


Okay these 3 scans (sorry for their quality) are from the same disk. The good news is that I just finished playing it on a stand alone with no problems…what gives. Im sooo confused.

Let me know and thanks for everyone’s help.


Just attach .png files next time, they have a better quality when attached here.


And here’s another from the same batch.

They are all coming up like this.


Scan that disc again at 4x on the Sony. The reason why your standalone is probably playing it without problems, it that I believe standalones only play at 1x, which is a heck of a lot slower than PC drives read speed, or scan speed. :slight_smile:

As for the picture quality…click the floppy icon in the top right corner of your scan window, save the file as a .png, and upload as normal :slight_smile:


How do I get them small enough to fit???


Once saved as a .png file, no resizing is required. Just upload ‘n’ go :slight_smile:


You could also downloaded the latest version of CD/DVD speed (version 4.50) here .