Once again about overburning

hi :slight_smile:

well, i’ve got, just like many other newb’s, a question about overburning…

i have a LiteOn 52x24x52 CD-RW (bundled with Nero burning ROM)

I have a 730 MB Movie, Nero is telling me, it has to overburn the CD-R only 1 Minute and 16 seconds (its showing in the burn dialog that the file would be only 716 MB’s) i tried the Nero Guide, on how to overburn the CD-R, sadly it didnt worked. The file is on the CD, but i get an error, when i try to access it in any way :frowning:

so, my question was, which would be the optimal settings to do it?


EDIT: I used the search function, and found lots of threads, but still no success (thats where i got the nero guide)

First you have to set up the expert features in the configuration of Nero. Then you can overburn.

Furthermore , overburn works solely in Disc At Once modus (DAO) , NOT in Track At Once (TAO).

Then your media must be compliant to overburn it to that amount of time. You can test this using the Nero CdSpeed tool. Just type in the maximum length and Nero CdSpeed will tell you how much this particular cd could be overwritten.

After that you hop back to Nero , burn the cd using DAO and it will tell you that it won’t fit and the question to overwrite/overburn will pop up. Press yes , tick on the “verify media” button while writing and you’re done.

thankyou, i will try it out right now.
i had the expert settings btw.