Onboard Promise "light" RAID upgrade: driver?


I found a BIOS upgrade for my older Gigabyte 8IHXP motherboard. The motherboard features an onboard Promise RAID chip, which is the “light” version from a PCI-controller, so it only supports RAID 0 OR 1 (not both).
Now with the BIOS upgraded, the chip gets his full potential and is shown as “TX2000 Fasttrack full raid” during boot. But in Windows’s device manager, it’s still listed as “Fasttrack Light RAID” and I fail to find a proper driver. Windows says I already have the right driver. The attached drives (RAID1; mirror) are recognized and no errors in Windows with the Fasttrack Light driver. (so that’s not a problem)
But do I need another driver before I can make use of the full featured RAID?
Anyone who has experience with this stuff? I’d wanna test the BIOS-upgrade with 2 extra drives to combine RAID 0 + 1. Should I combine both RAID 0 disks on one cable and the RAID1 disks on the other? (the 2 mirror disks that are connected now are both on another cable, because this was needed for the light version)

Big thanks in advance!


As you might now, I have a modded BIOS (RAID controller) as well. You probably didn’t know that before just now, but that’s ok :D.

Anyhow :), in my situation, I had to install a different driver for my RAID controller (Promise FastTrak TX2 plus) to get it to work. What drivers did you try to install? Did you uninstall your old indrivers first?

About the configuration you want to use: I think it’s the safes to use 1 channel for the the RAID0 drives and another channel for the RAID1 drives. It’d even be better if you made a RAID5 setup, but that isn’t possible with your controller (although software tricks could do the trick…).

w00t! :bow: Dee-ehn :slight_smile:
It was quite easy; I just needed to remove the old drivers first :o
After the reboot, Windows wanted to reinstall the light drivers, but I could manually select the official Promise drivers for the TX2000.
I’ll try connecting the mirror drives on one channel today. If that’s succesfull, I guess the upgrade is too and I could add a striped disk as well :slight_smile:


Just like to add that it really works :). I have configured 2 RAID1 ‘disks’ on the onboard controller. (4 physical drives that show up as 2 mirrored drives in windows)

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I am glad that it works out :).

Last week I upgraded tot 4 IDE discs in RAID 0 (2 arrays) as well and I am quite happy with it :slight_smile: