Onboard network issues with Dell Optiplex GX240




I am working on a Dell Optiplex GX240. The Onboard network card appears to be recognized in the system BIOS but it says it is disabled. The option to turn the network port is enabled but it still says “disabled.” Therefor the onboard LAN is not recognized in windows XP or Linux.

I tried reseting the BIOS by taking the battery out, all that did was reset the computer clock.

Any ideas? Is the onboard lan shot? Thanks in advance

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I think if you install the latest LAN drivers it should work.


[QUOTE=eric93se;2518135]I think if you install the latest LAN drivers it should work.[/QUOTE]

Hi Eric,

I wish it was that simple. Unfortunately, windows fails to recognize that there is a network adapter attached to the computer. There are no “network adapters” under the Device Manager and there are no unrecognized devices.


The bios says its disabled? Any Bios updates or other options in the bios to get it working?

A $10 NIC card might be the needed fix.



have you already run Dell Diagnostics? It is either preinstalled on your HDD, or you can get it from Dell support website. The tool will then either create a bootable CD (image) or a bootable USB stick.



good suggestions :slight_smile:
The bios upgrade from dell is a .exe file that creates floppy disks. I don’t have any floppies, is there any way to convert it into a CD iso?

I Ran Dell Diagnostics - no errors, but it really didn’t test the functionality of the network card. The only relevant info was under the mainboard test which mentioned that the NIC was present but that is it.

I think the PCI card might be the easiest solution at this point…