OnBoard DVI output, 16:9? What Monitor will I buy?

I need a bit of direction… I just finished building a brilliant little desktop for my own house. It was kind of an experiment with ITX motherboards just to see how small I could make it. Turn out it was too small to add anything into it so I’m keeping it. Just in case your wondering I build DVRs for the place I work in and when this little PC couldn’t fit a capture card I said I would take it instead of overtime. Anyhow, now I have it I want to get a Flat screen monitor to go with it. The company I work for always bring the monitors in so I never had to pick one before.
The motherboard is Intel mini-ITX BOXDQ45EK with 2 x built in DVI outputs. The screen I have from work at the moment is a Samaung 17"(model743B) and the PC gives the max resolution option of 1360x768(16:9) with that monitor attached. Is that option the fixed? If I put a bigger monitor on the PC would the resolution options change/ increase?
I want to get a 22" or 24" wide-screen but I don’t want big distorted icons etc. If you look at this place you’ll see the monitors I’m looking at.


yes, if you connect another monitor, you get other resolutions (depending on the monitors native resolution).


The Q45 chipset can run any of those monitors so its up to you. If you don’t intend to watch HD content with the monitor just get one thats 1680x1050. For HD you need atleast 1920x1080.

In the reviews for your MB, they say that the southbridge (big chip without a cooler) runs hot, so it would be a good idea to use a small heatsink salvaged from an old computer to put there. You would need a quality double stick tape meant for heat transfer, like this stuff: LINK

Also if you plan to use a HD monitor and watch some movies you should also upgrade the thermal paste under the north bridge (under the aluminum heatsink). Any modern thermal paste would do, Arctic silver, NOCTUA - NT-H1 Pro-Grade Thermal Paste would also be fine. Personally I would also fit a small fan on the northbridge.

That’s Brilliant Guys, Thanks.
So I can get which ever monitor I want. I’m trying to keep the price around 300 euro so that gives a good choice of wide-screens. I’m not going to watch movies on it it’s mostly for web stuff and a bit of VNC to work. I intend to set up a media server in the house so any movies I get off the web I can dump them onto the server and get the server to play them on the TV. I seen it on the Windows 7 demo on youtube when it was done from a PC to a X-box and the X-box played the film on the TV. I’m sure I’ll get Linux to do that… That’s another days work.

Can you see the difference between thses two monitors? They store has in stock 133 of the monitor they say is HOT and 20 of the othermonitor but from what I can see the first monitor has DVI video standard and the second monitor has HDMI Video standard.
By that I would say the second monitor would be the HOT one wouldn’t you? They have them listed like this!!
Am I missing something?? I’m going to buy the HDMI video standard!! I don’t plan on using it but there the same price so why close the door on HDMI when I don’t have to…

I got this one in the end:
LG ELECTRONICS - W2343T 23" LCD 16:9 Widescreen Full HD 1920x1080
It was about 80.00 euro cheaper…
I hope it fits on the table!:iagree:

LG is a good choice, I’m sure you will like it!

Sounds like a TN-panel (guessing) so I hope that you work with something that doesn’t involve color calibration… :slight_smile:

I still haven’t gotten used to Goldstar making stuff that is actually good.