On what do TV/sound system do you watch UHD movies?

After the what specs does you NAS have, now my following question; where do you watch UHD movies on?

Unfortunately I just have an old Samsung fullhd TV with Samsung soundbar, but the misses agrees to replace it. Curious what you guys have to watch movies?

I have a 65" Samsung 8000 series 4k TV, Denon AVR-X2000 connected to a JBL EC35 center channel, JBL L5 front speakers, Cieling rear speakers and a HSU subwoofer. I also use a computer with a NVIDIA GTX 950 video card and an Intel G4560 CPU with 8gb of RAM and a 128gb SSD to watch MKV files, Youtube etc. I find the video quality with Netflix, Amazon etc. to be much better through the TV’s smart function. It will output Dolby Digital to the Denon receiver for decent sound.

Almost everything in my sound system (except for the subwoofer) was bought used off CraigsList several years ago. I have about $600-$700 into it and it sounds fantastic. Older, high quality, JBL speakers make for a great home theater system. The computer was built for around $350 but can be done for about $100 less now due to the GTX 1030 video cards being less than $80. The TV was bought for $1,700 about eight months ago and I have been very pleased with its perfornance. Especially the sound and being able to use the computer on it with 12 bpc color and YCbCr444 output (at 30hz or less).

Sony 75" X940C 4K HDR10 capable TV, Yamaha RX-A3050 Atmos/DTS:X receiver, two Martin Logan Motion 60XT front mains, Martin Logan Motion 50XT center, two Martin Logan MotionFX rear surrounds, and four Martin Logan Motion 4s for height channel. I use two Rythmik FV15HP subs to fill in the bottom end. I also have two Sonus Faber Venere 2.5s in the setup for music listening. Additionally, I have some extra MotionFX speakers and an Emotiva amp for a full 7.2.4 setup, but I just don’t have room in my new living room for the whole thing.

Last, but not least, I have an Nvidia Shield, Apple TV 4K, Sony UBP-X800, Playstation 4 Pro, Xbox One X, and Nintendo Switch connected to the setup.

What’s your impression on these speakers?

They have a very nice smooth, warm sound. Very laid back thanks to the silk dome tweeter. Pretty much the polar opposite of the very forward, super detailed Martin Logan’s I use for home theater.

I have a Hisense 55H8C HDR TV, a Onkyo 898 7.1 receiver, home built 8" 3 way speakers with dome midrange and tweeters, and a Mono Price 12" powered sub. The rear speakers are Infinity 8" 3 ways that I replaced the blown woofers and midrange speakers in and my center is a old minimus 7 from Radio Shack when they used to sell their own speakers and parts.
I also have a Vizio 4051 5.1 sound bar that sounds amazing for what it is I use when not watching my disks or networked files over Plex or Kodi. The main setup I’ve had much of it for years and ad or modify as deals and new tech comes up. It has smooth clear sound with nice bass and has made me happy for years but I used quality drivers, like silk dome Philips tweeters, and silk dome midrange with Gefco long throw rubber surround woofers.
the boxes I bought ready made at a now out of business large speaker and electronics shop back in the late 70s.

Do anyone also have experience with high quality beamer? Wife likes the idea of no TV, we have great white wall and I like idea of very large size video/game display! But I wonder if it’s worth it quality wise.
You all have have big screen TVs right?

Yes, I only use a large TV now, but I did own several projectors including the Sony VPL-VW600ES 4K when I had a dedicated HT room.

Vizio 2016 P75
Marantz AV7704
Emotive XPA11 Gen 3
Triad Silver inwall 7.2.4 Setup
2x Triad Bronze inwall subs with rackamp 350’s

Oppo 203
Apple TV 4K
Xbox One X
PS4 Pro

Projectors only work well in rooms that have little ambient light. Rooms with windows makes viewing less than optimal during the day or when bright room lighting is used.

Hence the reason I no longer own a projector. It only worked well when I could control the ambient light.

I had a 92” living room projector setup some years back. It had its moments, but I fought the ambient light hard. Never again for me if not in a dedicated room. Big flat panels are much better suited to normal rooms.

I’m hoping to move up from 75” to 85”+ this year is a good enough model shows up at a decent price.

The other issue with projectors is the light output for HDR. Proper HDR is just about impossible to achieve via projection for less than $30k.

Never owned a TV but always had 32" or larger Pro series monitors & for last decade or so have used 4K UHD monitors on my computers.

Most of you won’t like this & hate us for being able to do this but for decades we have been watching burnt & commercial 4K UHD movies (once they came out) on our AMD cpu computers & since they came out now on the Ryzen threadripper 3990X cpu.
The XDCAM system for ODA has been around to professionals for quite some time & 2008 for the 128GB XDCAM series. We’ve been burning 4K to those media (100GB & 128GB) since then with no issues on Linux systems. They now have 1.5TB & 3.3TB ODA discs.
If you guys are still naive & following microsoft & intel lies that you must have certain OS & cpu to play 4K UHD, then I have some lakefront property for sale in the desert :slight_smile: