On the sound

What sound sould one choose when backing up? Is it OK just to rip the best like AC3 5.1 compared to AC3 2 ch. Can’t all TV’s use this feature - just not use all the channels?

You should chose AC3 6ch. If you haven’t got surround sound it will be down mixed to stereo.

Thanks, so everytime just the best?

But why is AC3 2 ch featured on a DVD if also AC3 5.1 is there? Isn’t that a waste of space if every surround sound just will make it stereo with 5.1?

  1. Look for the answers, pls, especially @CloneDVD forum.

  2. AC-3/2 is either featured in additional titles/extra material ( which may be available only in AC-3/2 ),
    is ususally the director’s commentary or simply an additional 2-ch audio stream.
    In any case this feature is optional and can be easily unchecked, if desired.
    In fact, it doesn’t take too much space compare to PCM or DTS.

Thanks BoSkin!

What program is the last screenshot from?

CloneDVD 2