On the Market for a new DVD Writer

Hi all ,
I love my NEC 3500 but I am going to get a new Dvd writer and pass my trusty old nc3500 to my kids or wife.I was over on the nec forum and was recomended to get a LG drive at this time can some one tell me what Model # I should be looking to get.thanks

This really depends on what you are looking for.

If you must get an LG drive, go with GSA-4167B (fast burner, slow reader, Renesas chipset, good burn quality).

However, if you are looking for overall versatility, you can’t beat BenQ drives using Philips chipsets, DW1640/1650/1655 [ignore DQ60, it’s a different and ugly beast]. Any of these three models will give you excellent quality burns, will be fast, and will do error scanning.

[No offense to this forum, but] try the BenQ forum, see how much more active it is. :slight_smile:

It is hard to find a better burner than the 3500. If you are looking for something new you need to determine what it is you need.

Do you need scanning, bitsetting, or fast ripping? What media do you plan to use? Do you use RAM? Do you want to use RW media a lot?

It is really hard to find a bad deal in current drives. You can pay too much for a Plextor, or get a BenQ DQ60 (not a real BenQ), but otherwise you won’t do better than the NEC unless there is something more you need.