On the hunt for a good dvd writer



What’s the best DVD Writer that will:
Last the longest.
Display honest accurate results with CD scans.
Most reliable.
Burns at 16x.
NOT a Pioneer please.



Depends on what you mean by “best”… but if price forms a part of the context, an OEM BenQ DW1620a flashed to retail firmware is tough to beat for around $40 US / $55 Canadian.

LG’s 4163B is also excellent but a few dollars more. Faster on rewritable media, and it can use DVD-RAM media.

There are some NEC fans too. My notebook has a NEC burner but I’ve only made 2 CDs and 1 DVD on it so it’s too early for me to comment. The quality of it is quite excellent, too.



If you can find a NEC nd-3500 - grab it - probably one of the best 16x burners ever IMO-





thank u so much!!
im getting the nec or Benq then ppl.
thanks 4 info.



I highly suggest that you take the NON OEM version of the BQ 1620. There have been several reports with people having trouble with the OEM versions. It’s only a few bucks more and worth every penny.



Are the oem and retail diffrent drives with the 1620?


Hey ripit… How ya doing? Are you a poppa yet? Back to your ? They shouldn’t be any different other than firmware but I’m hearing of a fare amount of people that have gotten bad ones including Satch. Other than that, I can’t explain it.:confused: Hope all is well with you and the fam.



First the due date was the 31st, then they change it to the 21st, now it’s back to the 31st, so who knows, but soon!!!
I have to wonder something? If it is mostly oem versions that are showing up defective, I wonder if rather than this drive being problematic in general, perhaps they just had a large production run that had problems and that production run went mostly to oem drives? HAs anybody heard of exsesive problems with retail drives?


I have a retail and oem BenQ 1620. No problem with both but the retail burns slightly better. It’s probably media variability but who knows…

jason69uk: I thought you already have a couple of burners?


What does the new firmware do for the BenQ?


Hey ripit…You hit my gut feeling about a production run being flakey right on the button. But I myself haven’t heard of one case of the retail or boxed version being bad. I’m sure there out there but it’s few and far between cuz there’s been no word of it. At least that I’ve heard. Don’t hold your breath on the kid. We want you around here. Watch out for chewing finger nails too!!!:bigsmile:



stop talking in code here guys, what the frig is going on??


Hey jason…What the hell code are you talking about?:confused:


I’ve been using four different drives, and I like all of them. Plextor PX716a (burning dvd’s for customers (home movies), and for the ability to copy dvd’s and cd’s), Phillips (Benq1620) using stock firmware which I’m very happy with, but it won’t make good copies if there are any weak sectors, Maddog (NEC3500) using maddog firmware for burning dvd’s, and great for burning cd’s, Pioneer A07XLA which I use for burning and copying. All four give great results, and each does somethings better than the others. For straight burning at high speed with low errors, I have to hand it to the benq 1620. But when I’m backing up my system, I rely on the plextor using TYG02 media.
The plextor is the only drive I have which currently allows CD and DVD testing with stock firmware.



Just WHAT is YOUR problem?

If it is reading and comprehending English - then say so and drop the “code” shit - ok


Cor calm down i was only mucking around.
It’s great that all you lot have helped me by the way.
Looks like i shd get a BenQ or a plextor then.
Is BenQ 100% accurate with its results though?



Just got my new NEC 3540a and its a dream to use, burns at 16x and so far no duff copys, ( mind you only done 15-20 so far )



same here. All my burners have diffrent strong and weak points and they are all usefull to me, sometimes for diffrent reasons.