On the fly

i was wondering which way was the best. copying to hd first then burn, or doing it on the fly. i have heard there could be more problems doing it on the fly. just wondering if there was a quality difference or which way was best. :bigsmile:

The best option is burn from HD.

On the fly copy require that each drive is on a different IDE channel, but a HD is always faster than a drive as source of data.

i have only tried clonecd once, i normally use clonedvd2. i backd up doom with clonedvd2 using a +r dl verbatim. it wrote it to the hd then burned and total time was around 35 to 36 min. i then used clonecd to back it up on the fly and it took a little over 22 min. so clonecd was a lot faster. i was just wondering about errors or quality difference.

The only way to see quality is to do a scan and a transfer rate test.

To backup CD on the fly is reasonable; but with DVD I prefer to burn from HD always. Mostly with DL discs

disagree totally, my dvd-rom and writer are on the same ide channel and i do do on the fly all the time at 8X with clonecd and nero, my writer is set to master as setting to slave did cause problems. i dont copy cd’s at all, only dvd’s and unless i have to rip them down first then it’s on the fly all the way. it’s weird that people dismiss on the fly caus it might waste a disk, i agree if it’s an expensive DL then don’t bother, but for me dvd5 are like pennies these days, and then only time my system blows them out is due to bad media or overworking the pc when it’s writing.

I copy on the fly with CloneCD and both my drives are on the same ide channel.

My post was misunderstood.

I was meaning that the best performance is obtained with drives installed on separate IDE channels.

Sorry for mistake :frowning:

I would say it is all about if you are willing to loose discs. I personally always rip to HD first, then burn.

If you are doing it on the fly all it takes is for a smudge on the source disc and it goes into read retries and you have screwed up your burn. Even with things such us powerburn protection when the writer relinks to start burning again can cause huge PI’s & PIF’s. This may cause problems on playback.

So, if you have the time, copy to hard drive and then burn. If time is precious, why not give on the fly writing a go - the worst that can happen is you have to redo the burn!