On the fly copies slower at 16x than 8x

As the title says, when doing an on the fly copy of a 4.7GB DVD I am getting wierd results.

I am using Nero, both drives have DMA enabled and are using an 80 pin IDE cable, and they are on the same channel.

I can do a copy at 16x but it takes 40 minutes. At 12x it takes 25 minutes, and at 8x it only takes about 12 minutes.

Two questions: why is it faster to burn slower (is this normal?), and how long should it take to do an on the fly copy of a DVD?

I’d say those times were good considering the ripping and burning drives are on the same IDE channel. :wink:

When trying to burn at the higher speeds the burner suffers more loss of data & has to keep stopping & restarting (or atleast slowing & speeding up) . On separate IDE channels it should work fine.

It’ll probably almost as fast to rip to your HDD first & then burn. That’s something that Nero will do automatically for you.

I find on-the-fly too risky for my likings & almost always rip to the HDD first.

put your drives on separate channels to get the full speed benefit of on the fly copying.

Just thinking logically: you have a single channel that’s receiving AND sending information and this transfer has a maximum cap…this is going to slow down the process of both and be much slower than if the data were traveling on different channels each utilizing their maximum data transfer speeds.

this explains why it is slow. I have no idea why 16x is slower than 8x, but TimC’s explanation works for me :slight_smile:

and I also agree with TimC that I prefer ripping to hdd first and perceive on the fly burning as risky, but that’s just my personal preference.

Same here. :iagree:

I know the answer
the problem is that the majority of dvdrom drives are read unlocked especially with dvd+/-R
the max read speed are usually set to 8x or 6x
so if u copy a dvd on the fly with setting speed to 16x the dvd rom can’t reach this speed and than nero burningrom spends too much time in filling the buffer memory and not in copying
however if u copy at 8x ( the default read speed of your dvd ron I guess) all the process goes normally so why it takes 12 min : the normal time for burning at 8x

Tim i agree and disagree lol i use nero record yesterday on a full disc it rip and burn on the fly in 30 mins burn time 2.4x quality great, this same movie using clone dvd or fab will rip to hard drive in 25 mins and burn at 20x in 5mins same times now which one has the betty quality?.

You’d need to do a disc quality scan to be able to compare the quality. For me 2.4x is way too slow and 20x too fast, although some top quality media will give very good results at that high speed. I’d burned TY T03 discs at 18x in my Samsung & they’re great.