On-the-fly cd/dvd protection(encryption)?

i want to protect my dvds in the same way as efs works.
i mean possible encryption/decryption should be transparent.
actually i’ve found some ways: backup utils,protections(star-force)
and some other(bestcrypt,cd-lock,not sure about PGP).
if you were to do it whoich of above would you choose?
free & open source are really welcomed!!

You’re mixing some things here. Bestcrypt is for encrypting data where you use a crypted container storing your data on a hardrive, CD/DVD, usb stick,… PGP is also for encrypting data http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pretty_Good_Privacy. Protecting your DVDs to avoid a copy could be quite hard as even the biggest companies (SecuROM, SafeDisc, StarForce,…) are not very successful. Maybe we can help you if we know what exactly you want to protect (documents, data files, DVD movies, etc…)?

sorry for the mixup :slight_smile:
i’ve tried none of them yet, so i do’nt know what exactly they do.
i’m just looking for a way to protect the contents of my dvds(personal pics & docs) from unauthorized access and a transparent encrytion/decryption mechanism(like EFS).i do’nt need any copy protection.