On-player screen shows "CANNOT PLAY"

I bought a Chinese Kungfu DVD movie in Vietnam and when I play it on my SONY DVD player, the on-player screen shows “CANNOT PLAY”. So after tons of reading, I found Fengtao reply on “DVD Region + CSS free not allowing a region 3 (south & east Asia) disc to play” thread. So I follow his advice using DVDFab with the disc’s region set to 6 for Chinese to rip the original DVD onto my hard drive. I then use Nero Showtime to play the ripped files on my PC and it plays just fine. I then use Nero 6 to burn to a SL Verbatim blanked DVD. Anyway, when I play the burned DVD on my SONY DVD player, the on-player screen still shows “CANNOT PLAY”. Please help to explain why I can play the backup videos on PC but can’t play the backup DVD on DVD player??? Thank you.


It may be NTSC/PAL TV format problem. Please check if your Sony DVD player only support NTSC format, and since Chinese DVD is in PAL format, so that it cannot be played.

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Hi had this same problem with my sony dvd player I am region 4 pal and I was trying to play NTSC region 1 disc even though my player stated it could play pal/ntsc discs
tried eveything with no luck until I used component out on the dvd player to component in on the tv and then it worked (still no idea why ) give it a try this meathod helped me

Thank you all, the dvd player is : SONY DVP-NS501P. It only supports NTSC video format. So Fengtao is correct. I will try to connect the component video out of the dvd player to the component video in of my TV (not sure if my TV has it). However, I played many Chinese movies with this SONY DVD player before and I know that all Chinese movies never have full screen like American movies. My next question is: can a NTSC video format have a theater-like screen (not full screen)? How can I tell if a chinese video has NTSC or PAL format?

Widescreen or full screen modes are independent of whether a film is coded in NTSC or PAL. As far as the Chinese DVDs are concerned, those produced in Hong Kong tend to be region 3 and NTSC, those in the mainland tend to be region 6 and PAL. Fengtao will know more about this being situated there! If you have Nero (you mention Nero Showtime) and are prepared to spend some time on it, you could use Nero’s ‘Make you own DVD’ option which will transcode your vob files and you can also get it to do PAL/NTSC conversions - but it does take time.