On Or Off?

should i leave a comp on all the time so it will keep the fan running or should i shut my computer down each time i get done using it what would u suggest,maybe that will help on my restarting problem it i shut it down all the time?

You’ll get lots of different replies to this one, as everyone has their own way of doing things (I know, I posted asking what people did awhile back ;), since I was curious).

Personally, I just shut my PC down each night, but leave it switched on at the wall. My mum does the same. :slight_smile:

mine stays on 24/7 and I haven’t had a problem.

i do turn off external devices that are conected (exxternal hard drives, printers, scanners, etc) but those are always off when I’m not using them anyway.

the only time my computer gets restarted is really when a program install requires it.

Depends what it is doing when you are not behind it…

Mechanical devices generally have a certain life expentancy based on the length of use… The more you use such device, the sooner it may break down. However, with current technology, it shouldn’t make much difference; you’ll probably replace it before it comes to that :wink:

If you don’t use your PC at night (no downloading/processing/uploading), you may as well turn it off, it’ll save you in your electricity bill (quite much even)…

[B]bounce7769[/B], There are a couple of intermediate answers to your question of “shut down or leave running”.

You can put your pc into [I]standby[/I] mode, where the current state is saved in memory and power to most of the system is turned off. You can return from [I]standby[/I] to “on” in a few seconds.

You can also put your pc into [I]hibernate[/I] mode, where the current state is saved to your harddisk and power is turned off. You can return from [I]hibernate[/I] to “on” faster than a normal boot but slower than when returning from [I]standby[/I].

The ability to [I]hibernate[/I] has to be enabled under Power Options in the Control panel.

Ah but those states still us a significant amount of electric in the long run. Mine’s on 24/7 but I am part of a LUG and so have to upload bits and bobs to those who can programme fo linux or share the distro. Barirng the fridge it’s the only thing on all da in my place.

If you want to save electric and money just turn off if you are not doing anything.

Yeah, the reason why I switch off at night is because a) I’m not using the PC for anything, and b) saves on the old electricity bills :slight_smile:

Hibernate uses the same amount of power as “off” - i.e. no power at all if you switch the pc off at the outlet.

For standby you are correct, but time is money and you can save time by using standby. :wink:

Thermal change will kill it long before electrical will. If you were a chip and went from room temp to 120 degrees every day how long do you think you would last? I to this day have never had a failure keeping it on 24/7. Electric use is another story. Your chips and you drives just don’t like spinning up every day. Choice is yours. My vote is on

I pretty much do the same and there’s also the advantage of scheduling various tasks at night, like virus scans and the like. To be honest, I have been wrestling with the $ savings of off and hibernate, but the kids and wife never do the maintenance stuff, so it’s easier for me to keep 'em on.

i’m always downloading or doing some kind of video processing or encoding or whatever so it’s useful to me to kepe my computer on.

it’s right next to my bed…my friends know i wake up to the sound of an Instant Message much more easily than a telephone. they all IM me when they need to get in touch haha

Time is money (approx EUR 300 an hour for me :bigsmile: )…
That is why I boot up my PC before anything else. In the time it boots I spend my time useful (showering, preparing dinner, read post (there is such a thing as non-electronic mail still :wink: ), make my day schedule, etc.)

The argument of time is not a valid one, that is just a matter of planning / time management…

Main you got that right. All my anti spam / anti virus programs update and run while im sleeping.

Same story which came first… The chicken or the egg

If you only turn the pc on and off once per day, it doesn’t matter.

But if you turn the pc off every time you are done using it, and this happens several times per day, the time wasted will add up!

If you leave a PC “fully” on, even when not in use, it will use a lot of power, and the mechanical life of rotating components will be used up. If you power down or even spin down (powersave) the hard disks too much, their life will end up being determined by the number of start cycles.

In general, if YOU take responsibility for shutting down, then the only form of powersave you should do is the monitor.

If you leave the machine on then you should have it powersave as much as possible when genuinely idle - avoid short-cycling.

For a degree of lightning protection, I’d say it should be switched off or unplugged from the mains socket, though if you leave any other cables connected, better the leave it plugged in to keep the case grounded.

PS. Unless you can absolutely guarantee that nothing memory leaks or introduces any other cumulative deterioration, I’d be wary of relying on comtinual run, with powersave, standby or hibernate - only an actual reboot clears the decks.

Hehe, ditto. Get up, switch on PC, go do stuff whilst PC is booting. Perfect. :bigsmile:

thanks guys, but u guys wasnt no help(lol) :slight_smile: to much yes and no

Ok here is my .02 cents on this :slight_smile:

You will put more wear and tear on your PC if oyu turn it on and off several times a day. For a healthy HDD that has no known defects, a few start/stop cycles will not hurt it. With today’s HDDs it can take a dozen cycles daily. I would not however go that far. Where I am concerned about are electronic components that heat up then go back to room temperature, back and forth and the cheap componenets/soldering on some motherboards. I leave my PC on 24/7, this is what power management is there for, leave your electronic components running but have them run in power saving mode and shut your HDDs down. If you are leaving on vacation or for l ong periods will not use your PC shut it off.But for daily use, you might as well leave everything on. Computers in big companies are left running at all times, no harm done to them. Make sure you have a good quality power supply and stable power.

Sorry we wasted your time :slight_smile:
We will try to be more carefull in the future

bounce7769, if you want a clear answer as to what is best, you need to pick the recommendations of a single person in the thread, and then live with the fact that others disagree. :wink:

Here’s my suggestion:

If you take a break from your pc during the day, put it into standby mode.

When you don’t need to use the pc anymore that day, put it into hibernate mode.

Once a week or whenever your pc starts to act strangely, perform a restart.