On my stand alone dvd player the burnt movie will skip

:confused: I have been using Verbatim DVD-R, ANYDVD for decryption and 1CLICKDVD Copy to burn my dvds. When I watch the dvd on my computer everything is fine. When I watch the movie on my stand alone dvd player, the movie will skip, though this doesn’t start happening until around chapter 12 - 15! The sound will distort and you will be able to see the digital boxes. This does not happen to all the movies though, some movies play fine! I am very confused! Why is this happening? PLEASE HELP!

What speed are you burning the DVD’s at, I had a Panasonic home dvd player that did not like any disc that was burned at anything over 4x speed OR it could be a media problem, reduce the speed and see if it makes a difference.

Reducing speed often lowers burn quality with newer, higher speed media and burners, although there are exceptions. If the burner’s firmware does not have good support of the media, slowing down may help, but it’s probably not the issue here as it is Verbatim - well supported.

mmg, what is your model of burner? What burn speed are you using? Download Nero CD-DVD Speed and it will tell you the model of your burner, the firmware version (listed beside the burner model), and you can also get more info on your discs and test them as well. To make it easier to help you, list your burner, burner firmware, media code from CD-DVD Speed (such as MCC03, etc.), and burn speed you are using.

This is usually due to one of two problems.
1- Bad burn due to poor media quality, wrong burn speed, firmware, or incompatable disc type (+R, -R, or Rom bitsetting)
2- Poor quality or old incompatable stand alone player.

Hi… I was having the exact same problem… they were ok on pc, but pants on the dvd player… even my dvd player wouldn’t play them sometimes…

I bought a new dvd burner… problem solved… my old one was factory fitted… samsung… new one philips… set me back £35… well worth it!


I hate to show my ignorance, but I do not know all the answers to your questions! The burner I have is AOPEN DUW1616/ARR V1000. As far as my burn speed and firmware, I do not know. If you tell me how to find the speed and firmware I can look it up. Also I do not know what a media code is. The dvds I am using are Verbatim -R, the dvd player is compatible with -R and +R. I am sorry I know it must be frustating trying to help someone who is so helpless!

AOpen’s are known to be good scanning drives, but poor burning ones. This is your problem most likely. My prescription for your burning desires is to buy a Benq, NEC or Lite-On burner (any current model of either one), and you will have alot less frustration from burning.

As jhtalisman said, Aopen are not very good burners. I suspected it was not media related as Verbatim is great media in general. You might be able to resolve the problem by updating the firmware though - look in the Aopen forum for the latest firmware for your drive and update the firmware. If you need further help, ask here or in the Aopen forum.

Thank you all for your help. I will go to the Aopen forum first for firmware/driver updates. If that does not work I will buy a new burner! Thanks for the information, I learned alot!!!

Use better media, TY or Verbatims.

Uhh, He IS using Verbatims.

Yeah, true.

Panas can be really picky from what I’ve learned.