On going problem, half solved

My back up copies of my dvd’s were shoppy, no mater what brand of media or software used. I also have tried different burn speads.

I got this to work. I tranfered my dvd to my compter, changing it to an avi.
Once in avi form, changing back to dvd formate using mydvd and burning. Then and only then will it play beutifully.

Using sony dvd burner with 1 gig ddr memory

Does any one have a solution for skipping the formate change?

what media?
what software?
what versions?
what operating system?
what model burner?
what firmware?

if you rip to your hard drive (without converting to avi) can you play those files (either dvd files or an ISO depending on how you rip) from your hard drive without skipping?

media-matrix, sony, maxell, panasonic, ritteck
software- nero 6 to current, tried 1click dvd, and other software
wn xp pro
sony dru-8a with current firmware 1.0f

litte more detail.

what kinda media other then the dvd brand names?
what is the exact version of nero ie saying latest doesn’t give us much detail?
Also you might want to update to sp2 with latest updates and patches.

Why are you changing your dvd to avi when you can use programs to transfer to another dvd?
You might want to give slysoft a try, they have a 21 day trials on their program. You want to get Anydvd to decrypt and then Clonedvd to copy the dvd. But you can read more on their web site www.slysoft.com on their products.

if you rip to your hard drive without converting to AVI do you get skipping when you play the files from your hard drive?

  • and - dvdr
    nero 7 ultra addition
    When ripping to harddrive, it plays fine
    also I went into showbiz and, I think there you can set the burn speed, the burn speed is set at 1x, so on other programs, the lowest I can go is 2x. Thanks I will try clonedvd

It kind of sounds like maybe whatever program you are using is having a problem with copy protection, mastering errors etc. and may be partially corrupting some of the video (had that happen to me once or twice though I cannot remember the software). while clonedvd is a fine program (try it if you like, it free to try), I would try anydvd with nero too as you already own nero. That might help you identify where the problem is. If anydvd fixes it (with nero), then you know it was a copy protection etc. problem. Fyi, you can right click the little fox in the tool bar (after installing anydvd), and rip to your hard drive first for more problematic movies.

don’t burn at 2x. that’s too slow. burn at the rated speed of the media or a couple steps lower. I wouldn’t burn below 8x.

since you said it plays fine from the hard drive then it’s an issue with how you’re burning. use QUALITY media. you haven’t told us much at all about the media you’re using. you mentioned a few brands, but it’s media codes that are important when dealing with media. speaking generally though Verbatim is the best you can buy in retail stores. Sony is usually pretty safe as well. Taiyo Yuden is even better but it’s a little more expensive and hard to find in stores.

media codes can be identified with nero cd dvd speed on the “disc info” tab.

also did you mean sony dru-800a for your drive? the 8a is not a valid drive as far as i know.

edit: nevermind 1.0f is firmware for the sony 810a. up to date firmware is a good thing. now concentrate on quality media and a reasonable burn speed and you should be fine. let us know how it goes.

Sorry, but this really makes no sense to me…