On Flay Buffer-Under-Run Errors Burning From PX-116 to R/RW PX-708A

Ok I surrender !
(I Sell all my e-ide Hardware and by A SCSI)

My Pc Hardvare

The motherboard is P4C800-e Deluxe.
Intel 875P+ICH5R

CPU Intel Boxed P4 3.2Ggz
RAM 2GB of Kingstom DDR400 Dual Channel ( 4x512 no slots without mem)
video GeForce FX 5200
OS WindowsXP Pro All Patch and Sps( Installed on SATA 80GB HB with 8MB cash)
SATA 80GB HB with 8MB cash
IDE 120GB ata100 with 8MB cash
IDE 20GB ata100
Optional DIE ata133 PCI Controller ( used for make a test to solve a on flay writing problem) Silicon Image 0680A ( don’t remember exactly chip code)
DVD +/- R/RW PX-708A

I try many solution DVD PX-116A primary Master and DVD PX-116A secondary master ( on silicon controller) is my last config.

Burning Software Nero 6 and Nero Vision

So when I  burn a cd or dvd prom image or burning a data cd/dvd all is ok.

When I try to burn a cd on flay happen to strange things:
First a read buffer is wry slow to put in a data
Second when start a write process there is something like about 200 buffer under-run or errors.

Please help me before I Smash my pc out of my windows from 4th flour.


  1. You should not have your PX-116A and your PX-708A on the same controller channel because one a single IDE channel, only one device (master or slave) can be accessed at a time

  2. If you try to copy DVD on the fly, you should be aware that the PX-116A starts at 4x (on recorded DVD media) or 6x (on stamped DVD media) … the 8x transfer rate is being crossed around the 3 GB mark with recorded media.

  3. Try not to use “Cable Select”, use dedicated “Master” or “Slave”

  4. Try to deactivate the “Intel Application Accelerator” - Install Intel chipset drivers

  5. Activate UDMA in BIOS and Windows Device Manager

  6. Look at the source disc - is it dirty ? If yes, clean it

Even if your system is fast, a misconfiguration like (1.) could lock one channel of the IDE bus during excessive disc access (e.g. error correction & re-reading on the source disc) … at a transfer rate of 5500 kB/s (4x recording), even a large RAM buffer like Nero’s will run out real fast …

I still create a disc image first … :iagree:

Thanks for the reply
I don’t try to copy a dvd that’s the problem, and each device is master device on its channel

But there is still under burn buffer error, and that is the ting I don’t explain my self.
I also check a channel settings
Primary master is PX-116A udma-4
Secondary master PX-708A mdma-2

If you have some others idea I be glad to try everything

Dame me when I decide to by ide hardware.

(I usually use Adaptec 2940 with ultraplex 40max and plexwriter 12/10/32s, good times :iagree: :iagree: )

Hi, I totally agree with you about the AHA2940/Ultraplex 40max/Plexwriter 121032s combination… :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: I have that hardware configuration on my “oldie-and-goldie” Pentium 1 MMX 233 Mhz machine (with two 121032s actually), and I burn on the fly from the Plex40 to both the 121032s (I mean burning two CDs at a time) using Nero and Feurio! with no buffer underruns…

About your problem, try to select the Image Recorder as burner under Nero and try a CD-copy “on the fly” from your PX-116a, then check the read speeds and see if there are slowdowns… If you do the same with a DVD what happens? From what you say it seems that your problems come from the reader and not from the burner…

BTW, are you trying to copy on the fly audio or data CDs?



I really don’t understand why it slow down.
When I use a PX-116a for installing and coping data there is no slow down.
Exist same diagnostic tool to see if there is some kind of problem.

For my Italian Friend eltranquil
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Per me anche Intel, e VOODOO 3dfx ( L’hanno fatta morire che bastardi era la migliore)

I’m not coping on fly DVD only a CD data

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As I said, do you see slowdowns copying “on-the-fly” from your PX-116a to the Nero Image Recorder?


There is no slow down coping to image recorder.
But the read buffer is all time on 0%.

My DVD PX-116A reader slow down only if I copy to PX-708A .Don’t understand w?

Hmmm… I am really short of ideas… Let’s try this one: what version of Nero 6 are you using? If I remember correctly, some old 6.0.x versions of Nero had several problems with the Plextor 708A drive. In any case, I recommend you to update to latest (in this moment version: it won’t hurt.

Did you try do to the burn with programs different from Nero? For example, you should try also the CD-copy function of Plextools. Do you experience the same problem?

Hope this helps,


(I’m doing a probe you tell)


What dose exactly mean SPINDOWN
Is it a time after what a dvd device go to lower speed or for how long remain with low speed?

“Spindown” means that the angular speed of the drive (=rotation) decreases… so the “spindown time” should be the first one that you said.

Another hint: since you are an ASUS fan, are you maybe using a nForce2-based motherboard?

Spindown is the time that the drive will stay on actual speed after read access … when spindown time is over, the drive will stop rotating - every read access will initiate a new spinup.

And I always wondered how to put a P4 onto Socket-A … :smiley:


Oh yeah, I had forgotten the other specs of undertacker’s PC… you are right! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the technical and precise explanation.


The motherboard is P4C800-e Deluxe.
Intel 875P+ICH5R

Type Mismatch Sorry

nero version

Happened same thing using plextools.
Buffer under run and green led is flashing on PX-708A
I also update ASPI for windows

going to bed now i’m realy OFF.

here is a log of cd copy

BP Rec activity: 274 occurences. (BP Counter)

Upgrade your NERO BURN to the latest version.

Keep in mind that Windows 2000/XP have their own “native ASPI interface”, which is called SPTI (SCSI Pass-Through Interface), so you don’t need to have an ASPI layer at all… furthermore, NERO uses his own ASPI layer.

Removing ASPI from your system could be another test to do… if you want to do it, do a web search for the utility ForceASPI, which allow to install/deinstall the standard Adaptec ASPI layer.

You can check the presence/version or your ASPI layer with NeroInfoTool.


I already try to uninstall aspi and also reinstall a clean OS.
But it is a same thing

Like Disparate I try to change E-ide Cables and put a 80 pin cable to both.
But every time is the same time.
Also try to use DMS jumper on PX-708A, but every time is the same thing.

Is there son kind of problems with SATA devices?
Or with DDR400?