On Burned DVDs Video and Audio do not match

I am using Newest version of Nero ( to burn movies and TV shows and the video and audio do not match. The video is alway behind by few seconds. I was using older version of Nero and didn’t have any problems but since i upgraded to the newer version video is never in sync with audio. I even tried creating a image to make sure its not the media that was causing the problem but even the images have the same problem.

Anyone one have any solution or suggestions?

Any help is appreciated.

This seems to be a common problem using NeroVision and certain file types. I believe the best answer is to use another program, like Convert X to encode the files prior to putting them into NeroVision.

Other folks have had success by disabling one of the Nero Codecs, or loading another codec, but a search for “audio out of sync” (or something similar) should give you lots to read!!