On Board Video!

What price range video card would it take to equal most onboard video chips? :confused:

You can beat most onboard for $70.00

Just about anything. Onboard chips are often quite awful for 3D video.

@ Hootal:

Are you using onboard video currently? If so, what chip is it? Anything in particular you’re trying to use it for? Like gaming, or are you just wanting to tweak it for day-to-day stuff? If so, just increase the RAM sharing allotment for it in BIOS, and maybe that’ll help some - assuming, you have adequate RAM to go around. Good luck.

Many moons ago … I recall making the jump from an ATI Rage 3D onbard video chip to installing my first AGP card = ATI Radeon VIVO. I was in heaven. :slight_smile: Lol … my, how far technology has come since then.

I was shopping for a new m/b and was wondering just how good on board video was!

That all depends on what you need it for. Many (most) people are more than fine with onboard video. If you don’t play (3D) games and don’t need higher resolutions, onboard video might be good enough. Yes, sometimes it uses system memory of video memory, but as memory is quite cheap these days, I would hardly call that an issue. An onboard solution is a whole lot cheaper than a AGP/PCIe card.


The new Intel Extreme Onboard Video - is more than adequate for all non gaming uses and some low tech gaming is adequate-

As Dee-ehn says - try and tweakout the max RAM in the bios - all xp related boards should be running at least 1gb of RAM-IMO - to get the very best out of the whole computing experience.