On a mission for the fastest ripper

Ok, I did a search and did not find anything directly relevant to what I am looking for, so please help if you can.

I currently own a Lite-on LH-20A1P, very pleased with it’s speed and performance so far. I mostly use it with DVDFab Platinum for backing up DVDs. I have to backup in 2-step fashion, rip to hard drive while shrinking at same time, then burn on the Lite-On.

I use a Samsung CD-RW/DVD-Rom drive that has held it’s own over the years as a fast/steady ripper, but now it’s time to finally upgrade. So since I already have a very nice DVD burner, don’t want SATA or lightscribe… just need the fastest performing ripper out there (DVD-rom or CD-RW combo fine). Now if the fastest happens to be a DVD burner, and the cost is $10-20 difference, of course that is a no-brainer.

So I have seen stuff regarding the Pioneer 112, a Sony drive, and an Acer 1648 as all being the fastest, but nothing on simple/cheap combo drives yet. Are there any good reviews out there that measure total rip time (not just how long it should take to rip in theory, based on rated speeds)??