OmniTool v1.0 or sumthing :)

mainly @codeguys
most users know LtnFlash. but its outdated and you “could” damage your drive by using it. so here’s my question/request:

can you make a lil program that includes all the extra discovered stuff for liteon drives? something like a combination of the eeprom tool, omnipatcher, ltnfw, a rpc reset etc… a new all in one solution that covers all needs of the community.

please, it would be worth, just one release…

For a number of reasons, we will not write a firmware flasher.

Most LiteOn users already have KProbe, and that does a fine job of region-freeing and bitsetting.

And combining OmniPatcher with the other tools would be impractical given how OP is written. Plus, I don’t think that it would integrate well.

is LtnFlash v1.2.4 bad? i’m using it to update my 1633s firmware from bin files, and it is working well (i update the firmware without the bootcode, because i change settings for same version of the firmware, increase speed for some media, set max read speed for +r media, etc, and comparing the changes, they are very few (a couple of bytes).

what other tool can i use on liteon drives to backup firmwares and eeprom (eeprom tool can backup eeprom, but ltnflash is also working well).

update: i was using a bin version because i didn’t see the unscrambled version on codeguys website, from now i’ll start using it).

There’s nothing wrong with LtnFlash. The only thing “wrong” with LtnFlash is the EEPROM writing function that people have rather often misused. Otherwise, there’s nothing wrong.

In that regard, our EEPROM tool is also dangerous for those same reasons.

And no, LtnFlash does NOT “damage” drives. People not being careful when using LtnFlsh “damage” drives. (“damage” is in quotes because physical damage is not involved)

i’m using it to backup eeprom, and to flash firmware, and i don’t get worried when flashing firmware because i know that dead drives because of a bad firmware update can be fixed in dos MTKFlash took…

Somehow LtnFlash’s doesn’t work with my 812S when it comes
to (at least) writing the firmware. I have to reboot Win2k to
kill LtnFlash. LtnFW works just fine, though.

Well, okay, LtnFlash is also ancient and outdated. LtnFW is newer and supports a wider range of flash chips and/or setups, it would seem.

^^ that’s what i don’t want to hear … “OUTDATED”.

if it’s working well on my 1633s, which is very new drive, then LtnFlash of a good program…