Omniptcher support ps2?

Hi. I just found out about this program omnipatcher. Im very happy cause I know I can back up my ps2 games and write them at low 2.4x speeds:),But everytime I burn a disc at 2.4x speed either my drive will not recgonize the disc or i burn the image but my ps2 wont recgonize it! SO someone please please tell me if omnipatcher supports playstation 2 images. I just cant make A sucessful burn after i lower the burn speed thru omnipatcher.

I downloaded the unscrambled version of my firmware and select my media from the list and tick burn at 2.4x speeds,save it then update my firmware then restart PC. Then burn with either dvd decryptor or alcohol 120,after its done either my dvd rw drive wont recgonize the disc(disc medium is not present) or it will burn files to disc but my ps2 wont recgonize the disc!

So far i made 8 vertbatim coasters:(

Any one had sucess burning ps2 games by ajusting write speeds thru omnipatcher?

DVD RW Drive-SOHW 1693S KSOB pathched-cf

Media- Verbatim MCC-003-00 +R 2.4x 6x

Burning software-Alcohol 120,Dvd Decryptor

there’s a reason that 2.4x speed is usually not present for dvd+/-R media on liteons: they suck balls at low burn speeds.

always burn a disc at its rated speed. low speeds don’t mean better writing quality.

Well everyone keeps saying"if you want to make a quality back up burn of your ps2 game you MUST burn at 2.4x or lower" end quote/ So i told omnipatcher to burn this media at 2.4x and all coaster from there after. Some of discs the drive wont even recgonize after the burn. I will buy some more verbatims tommorow and burn a image at 6x and 8x speed to see if what the dvd drive experts keep telling me is right.

SO I FU#KING MADE 8 COASTERS FOR NONTHING!! Thank god I came here instead of living in afterdawn to find the obvious simplistic awnsers. :flower:

thx :flower:

You´re welcome :slight_smile:

PS: My PS2 backups are burned onto Verbatim MCC 003s @12x and they work without any probs :wink:

Buning speed does have more to do with media and burner, than what you are burning. But there are some media/burner combinations that weill burn better a t speeds lower than the rating, just as there are some that do better at faster speeds.